How a Growth Strategy Can Help You Scale Your Business.

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Many people think that successfully launching a startup business is the most challenging part of the entrepreneurial journey. While it is known that starting a company can be very difficult, there is much more complex work ahead. There are many barriers and challenges in the way of success. The truth is, founders know that planning, establishing, and running the operation is only half of it. A lot of work needs to be done once the business exists, and one of the most critical aspects of this is scaling it. 

The thing about scaling your business is it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. After all, managing an organization can be complicated, with various responsibilities falling on founders’ shoulders. It would be best to keep your plans focused on what matters, and scaling up is your goal. But you probably know that.

As a founder, you want to commit to scaling up, which indicates increasing success. This ever-increasing success is what you need to get to the next level. It’s what you need; this is also what future partners or investors need. A growth strategy is your best bet to ensure that your organization not only scales up but becomes a profitable full-fledged company as quickly as possible. How? Let me give you some answers.

Scaling or Growth?

For many, even among business owners, one point of confusion is the interchanging use of the words growth and scaling. However, there is a clear distinction between the two. In itself, growth is a positive linear change in an organization, in which it increases its revenue by adding resources. In a simple example, when you see an increase in customers, you increase your workforce, thus increasing the cost.

These increases can result in a cycle of funnelling your revenues to sustain the expansion. That is not a good thing as it is rarely sustainable. This is why you need to scale your growth. Scaling is the process of increasing the organization’s revenue without a significant rise in resources. In other words, your income grows exponentially – without a substantial increase of related costs. 

Scaled growth is different from simple growth as the latter increases the revenue at the same rate as adding resources. 

Is Your Business a Scaleup?

Before we talk about the right strategy to scale your business, some clarifications should be made regarding the type of business you are running. Keep in mind that scaling up is aptly applicable to scaleups.

What are scaleups, you ask? Steve Blank, considered the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, said that a startup is a business looking for a business model that can be repeated and scaled. So, scaling is one of the goals of startups. Once it begins to grow (without growing costs at the same rate), it is transitioning into a scaleup business. 

So, if your business falls under this description, then it is a scaleup. As a scaleup founder, you want to ensure that your organization does not stagnate but continues to scale. You can achieve this through a scaled growth strategy.

What is a Scaled Growth Strategy?

It is a tailored and well-thought-out set of techniques, tools, and practices designed to help scaleup founders kickstart their organization’s growth. 

While some strategies depend entirely on complex issues relating to unique situations, most of them lie right at the feet of most founders. Often revisiting some of the foundational elements that may have been rushed or ignored at the startup phase is all it takes. 

Revisiting and improving the critical foundations of your organization creates powerful alignment amongst your employees, boosts firm performance and leads to a renewed excitement about your day-to-day operations. These are keys to your success. In a way, a scaled growth strategy is a holistic approach to improving your business -dramatically improve the core and watch the growth start.

Of course, you want to make sure to implement a plan that falls entirely in place with your organization’s needs. However, it is essential to acknowledge that some best practices and methods have shown impressive results in other brands too. You are different, but maybe not as different as you think – and that is a good thing.

What you want is a combination of bespoke and proven and tested methods to ensure that your company continues to scale. 

The question would be this: How could you address these needs while also keeping costs low? The best solution is growth hacking, and this is where simplexity comes in. 

As brand builders and growth hackers, we can help you kickstart the exponential growth you need through various proven techniques to show positive results. We refine your brand, make it more attractive to your target audience, and help you address your scalability issues. Our goal is to transform your brand from ordinary to extraordinary, making it meaningful to your core customer and differentiated from the competition.

Introducing Growth Ignitor

Growth Ignitor is a 4-week, 4-step brand-transformation program that helps scaleup founders kickstart exponential growth by leveraging the Brand Simplexity Method. Our approach to kickstarting scaled growth centres on your ideal customer and ensures everything you do deepens your relationship with that group. It comprises advanced tools and proven practices delivered in a series of bespoke workshops led by a bonafide brand expert. 

Each workshop is hands-on, professional and tailor-made for each new client. It involves members of the founder’s core team. The delivery of the system is inclusionary, supportive, inspirational, and brings about improvements for your organization. Assumptions are challenged, solutions are uncovered, and focussed simplicity is delivered so the founder can confidently take bold actions. It results in both the founder’s brand and employees being rejuvenated and transformed. 

Each workshop is a personalized, dynamic experience, where every topic tackled is designed to address your company’s needs and goals. You will also learn about methods that have made other known brands successful. If they worked for them, there is no reason why it will not work with your scaleup, as long as you take the proper steps. 

The main goal of this program is to help you unlock exponential growth and to envision a brighter future for your scaleup, which you can achieve using a scaled growth strategy designed specifically for your business. 

The Bottom Line

Many business owners experience feeling “stuck” after reaching scaleup level. If you are one of them, you are not alone AND you do not have to stay in this state of stagnation for long. You can create a dominating growth strategy by joining the Growth Ignitor program. Get in touch with us to know more about this opportunity. We want you to achieve the scaled growth that every business aims for, but which eludes nearly 98% of them.

You’ve got big dreams and larger aspirations. We know you want to leave your positive mark on the world. Let us help you get there. 


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