Helping Scaleup Founders Ignite & Accelerate Growth

Most founders fail. We’d rather you didn’t.


Helping Scaleup

Founders Ignite

& Accelerate Growth

Most founders fail. We’d rather you didn’t.

Prepare Your Dream For Exponential Growth

Congratulations on making it past the startup phase – you’re one in a million! You have achieved something very few people do. Escaping that first Valley of Death was no easy feat and your reward? More hard work.

You’ve got to hire more people, write a new strategy, connect with more customers, grow revenue, increase profitability, cement your culture, raise money and much more … it’s an endless list really.

You are probably stuck right now – and that is ok.
We unstick the stuck.

By providing process, focus and inspiration, we transform dreamers into heroes. In addition, we help scaleup founders kickstart exponential growth by leveraging the Brand simplexity Method®.

Our four-week, four-step brand transformation program, Growth Ignitor®, will help you take your company to the next level and guide your business to even greater heights.

Who We Are

We are simplexity, and we believe that reaching for big, bold and beautiful dreams is a wholly worthwhile endeavour.

We specialize in developing scaleup brands and transforming them into powerhouse machines ready for exponential growth.

Working closely and collaboratively with you, we will use our proprietary framework and decades of experience to forge a fierce and powerful brand helping you bridge the gap where you are now to where you’ve always dreamed of being.

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About Us

Tailored Hands-On Coaching

Business-Specific Guidance From An Industry Expert

Using proven methodologies, we get to the heart of your business and brand to transform your business and brand!

We help swamped founders of scaleup firms kickstart growth through bespoke workshops delivered in a step-by-step system. The output is specific to your situation, making it applicable and immediately actionable.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Client’s Love

{We hired Patrick to join our start-up as the Marketing Lead. He jumped in with passion and supported the team and the CEO in many ways, in particular we found his brand workshops to be very impactful. He has a passion for brand and always reminded us to focus on the customer and of course to simplify wherever we could. It was a pleasure working alongside someone who always goes above expectations.
Sameem M
FinTech Startup
{"We hired Patrick to launch a new digital product and rejuvenate an older established brand. His workshops with our remote team were second to none. He uncovered valuable insights, rallied people together and delivered lasting results. The finished product was as inspiring as his process. Patrick is a thought leader with a depth of experience that is second to none. I am happy to tell anyone who asks how positive the experience was working alongside someone so passionate about what they do."
Lloyd L
Entertainment Company
{"When I hired Patrick to help me transform our brand, he was instrumental in helping us understand our customers and realize growth. He's sharp with a likeable personality that made the whole process easy for everyone involved! We'll be working together again one day, I'm sure of it."
Jackie P
Consumer Tech Company
{"It's clear that Patrick has a deep understanding of the importance brand plays in business. His knowledge and insights were invaluable as he helped us grow our customer base by implementing strategies with positive results for the bottom line!"
Robert S
Vice president
SAAS Company